Currently, the center office is located in a renovated residence with space for four offices. The shop was built in 1912 as an indoor livestock feeding facility. The laboratory also is a renovated house with dry lab capability only for sample drying, weighing, and processing. A 9 x 12 metal building next to the lab has been developed into a larger dryer to accommodate large numbers of samples (>100). There also is a small conference facility with a capacity for meetings of 25 attendees. Land capabilities included 170 acres of surface water rights. Surface (furrow) irrigation using canal water can still be used on approximately 100 acres. Three center pivot sprinklers have been installed on 85 acres of land with water rights assigned, all of which are connected to the wastewater delivery system coming from the City of Tucumcari Wastewater Treatment Plant as Class 1B water. Only one sprinkler (36 acres) has dual capability, also being connected to the canal water delivery system. Plans are to eventually have dual source capability for all systems. There also is a portable traveling gun irrigation system that can apply water to areas not serviced by the center pivot systems. Small plot research is conducted under all of the sprinklers and grazing studies are conducted under two. In addition to land for irrigated pasture research, there are six native grass pastures ranging in size from 20 to 60 acres. Beef cattle feeding pens are onsite with GrowSafe individual animal intake technology as well as individual water consumption technology developed by NMSU. Turfgrass plots were established over sub-surface drip irrigation in 2003. A system of at-surface drip irrigation was installed in 2008 to the center ground to irrigate newly planted trees that were added to existing trees and shrubs to form the Eastern New Mexico Outdoor Arboretum. A 36-variety jujube orchard was established in 2014 using above-surface drip irrigation. There are no greenhouse facilities. However, with the acquisition of a small plot combine in 2020, all equipment is on hand to conduct field research on grain and forage crops, including hay and silage production. Additionally, deep soil sampling and soil moisture measuring equipment is available.

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