Advisory Committee

An advisory committee of farmers, ranchers, and business people was established for the Rex E. Kirksey Agricultural Science Center in 1980 to review ongoing projects, to provide input for future research priorities, and to determine how they can best support the needs of the facility so that it can continue serving the research needs of the surrounding area. The committee meets with center personnel in spring and autumn to discuss business and receive updates about the current status of the College. Terms are staggered for three years and committee members may succeed themselves at the will of the rest of the committee. Otherwise, the committee selects people to fill open memberships. Here is a list of current committee members, all of whom are from Quay County: Franklin McCasland, Cooper Glover, Devin Kanapilly, Justin Knight, Marie Nava, and Cedar Rush, with terms expiring in 2021; Phillip Box, Donald Carter, Jim Norris, and Donald Walker, with terms expiring in 2022; and Will Cantrell, Paul Estrada (Vice chair), Janet Griffiths, Robert Lopez (Chair), Elmer Schuster, and Tom Sidwell, with terms expiring in 2023.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes are prepared from recordings and nearly verbatim, unabridged minutes are available upon request. Minutes from years previous to those shown are also available upon request.

Minutes of the Fall 2020 meeting are being processed. No meeting was held in Spring 2020 due to COVID-19.